Hangar 29

High quality hangar available with dedicated airside access. Of interest to MRO operators with potential for 767 aircraft.

The three bay to five bay hangar provides a total of 114,000 sq ft of hangar and ancillary space, together with a concrete apron and dedicated parking for 40 cars. Hangar 29 is located within the secure area at East Midlands Airport, providing airside access to airport taxiways and runway.

Excellent Facilities

Hangar 29 comprises of a tall steel framed structure with high level tailfin gates designed to provide aircraft access to a height of 14.25m. This includes access for aircraft models such as Boeing 757 and 737, as well as Airbus A321, A320 and A319. The internal layout configuration can be suitably refigured in order to accommodate the maintenance of up to five Boeing 737 aircraft.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Hangar 29 is specifically designed to specifically support MRO operations with adjoining workshop and storage facilities. A clear hangar width of 147.75m provides enough space to accommodate up to five Boeing 737 aircraft. In addition, the hangar has previously accommodated 767 sized aircraft, by positioning the aircraft tail outside the hangar.

Hangar 29: Aircraft Types Height (m)

  • Tailgate Opening                      14.25m
  • Boeing 757-300                         13.60m
  • Boeing 757-200                         13.56m
  • Boeing 737-700                         12.58m
  • Boeing 737-800                         12.55m
  • Airbus A321-200                        11.81m
  • Airbus A320-200                        11.81m
  • Airbus A319                                 11.81m
  • Airbus A320-100                        11.81

Property Type: Hanger
Size: 114000 – 114000 sq ft

  • Specification

    14.47m hangar eaves (rear elevation)

    55.6m hangar depth

    147.75m hangar clear width

    Good-sized concrete apron

    Dedicated airside taxiway & runway access

    Fully lit by roof mounted sodium lamp units

    Floor-standing hot air blowers

    40 dedicated on-site parking spaces

    24-hour access

    Dedicated on-site airport security