Enterprise House Front Doors & Reception Information

Opening times of the main entrance and reception have changed. The new opening times will be 0630 hours until 1830 hours, Monday – Friday.

Outside these hours during weekdays, at weekends and on public holidays entry into the building will be via the VP2 landside entrance which is located at the runway end of the building on the side facing the Hampton by Hilton Hotel.

Full STN pass holders will need to swipe to enter the building through the security barrier. Any visitors who do not hold full STN passes need to be met by a member of staff of the tenant they are visiting so that entry can be authorised.

Entry and exit to and from the building using the ground level fire exit doors is strictly prohibited unless previously agreed with MAG Property.

All general waste and recycling from offices should be placed in the bins provided in the bin compound adjacent to Enterprise House. Do not leave any waste laying on the compound floor as this will not be collected and could encourage vermin or pests to visit the area. Any larger items or electrical goods should not be placed in the compound and need to be disposed of separately from normal waste.

The compound is kept locked and a key can be collected from reception during normal opening hours. If access is required outside these hours please contact the MAG Property FM team to make arrangements

Any questions surrounding this notice should be directed to the MAG Property Facilities Manager, Gary Beavis, 07909 883478 gary.beavis@magproperty.co.uk