Speak Up with Safecall

Here at MAG we want all staff who work across our sites and Airports to be able to voice concerns and provide feedback on any aspect of our operation. By raising concerns and feedback, we can ensure that issues are highlighted and resolved quickly and efficiently to ensure that as a business, we are operating safely and with honesty and integrity.

An issue might be anything from a health and safety risk, to concerns about environmental impact or the behaviour of another staff member. Regardless of the topic, there are transparent processes in place to ensure that all concerns can be addressed.

In the first instance, you should raise an issue informally with a MAG colleague or manager who can escalate the issue as appropriate.

If you feel unable to discuss an issue with a member of MAG staff, then you can access Safecall, an independent, confidential reporting service. Any issue can be raised to the specially trained Safecall team who will then work with MAG to ensure the issue is escalated in a confidential manner. Safecall is open to anyone working at a MAG site including suppliers and contactors. Safecall can be accessed via:

  • Telephone – 0800 915 1571
  • Email – mag@safecall.co.uk
  • Web – www.safecall.co.uk/report

The Safecall service should only be used to raise concerns that cannot be escalated within the business and does not replace existing HR or business processes.  You can find further information on the Safecall service and how to access it via posters around our sites. You can also visit the Safecall website for more information on how this independent service works.

If you have any further questions please contact mymag@magairports.com