Vertical Circulation Core (VCC) progresses to advanced stages at London Stansted Airport

In order to improve the customer and passenger journey, London Stansted Airport is building the VCC (Vertical Circulation Core). The VCC is an air bridge connecting the terminal forecourt to a combined lift shaft and stairwell, this then leads to a 200m covered walkway. This will improve the journey for customers based in Enterprise House who use the transport interchange and passengers moving from the new Hampton by Hilton Hotel to the terminal.

In order to ensure safety throughout the project and to minimize disruption to the day-to-day running of the airport and train station, consultations were held with key stakeholders including Network Rail.

A project milestone has now been hit by the craning into place of the VCC structural steel frame. This was originally erected and partially clad on temporary foundations 30m away from its final location. By craning this in two parts rather than lifting each piece individually, this ensured minimum disruption to the train line, saving weeks of potential shuts and delays.

The milestone of erecting and placing the steel VCC frame has now been completed, and it is expected that the VCC will be completed by the end of May 2017.