East Midlands Airport:

East Midlands Airport is an international gateway that connects the Midlands, and the wider UK, into the global economy. It is at the heart of Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, three cities that offer some of the most significant and productive companies specialising in healthcare, cutting edge design and advanced manufacturing.

The East Midlands is a high skills economy. It has nine of the UK’s universities, three of which are ranked in the top 25 in the UK. Overall 30% of the working age population in the East Midlands is qualified to NVQ4 (diploma or degree level) or higher. This area of the UK has the ability to deliver graduates to specialise and succeed in the UK’s most highly specialised manufacturing, science and engineering jobs. A wealth of occupiers ranging from passenger airlines and cargo integrators to finance and utility companies already enjoy the many benefits of the region.


Key stats

  • BusiestUK airport for pure freight
  • 5mpassengers per annum
  • 80+destinations
  • 330,000tonnes cargo handled annually
  • 332acres of development land
  • 24/7operations, 365 days a year

The Region

We're at the start of an exciting time for the whole of the Midlands. The hard work and creativity of people here is helping to build the Midlands Engine - and I can promise that the giovernment I lead will back you all the way - Theresa May